Data choices

This is the form to request the ACLU Organizations fulfill your data choices.

You can use this form to opt out of certain data processing activities or request we correct or delete your information. You may submit a data choice request to us, or you may authorize another party to do so on your behalf using the mechanisms below.

When you submit a Data Choice Request, it will be reviewed and fulfilled as appropriate by ACLU National and the relevant ACLU Affiliate.

If you would like to manage any communication-related preferences, including managing email, phone, and paper mail unsubscribes, please see our Communication Preferences form. If you would like to request a data report, data export, or data transfer report from ACLU National, ACLU of Colorado, ACLU of Virginia, or ACLU of Oregon, please fill out their Your Data Choices form.

For information on how we collect and process your personal information, please see our ACLU Organizations Privacy Statements.

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Opting out
Opt out of certain types of personal information processing activities.

Note: Some consumer privacy laws also afford residents the right to opt-out of profiling or automated decision-making with legal or similarly significant impacts. ACLU does not conduct these activities.

Correcting what we have
Correct what information we have about you. We do have to take into account the interests of others, so this is not an absolute right. Note that if you select this option, you cannot also request that we delete your data.
Deleting what we have
Delete the information we have about you. Note that if you select this option, you cannot select any other request.
Your information
We need this information in order to process your request and safeguard your data. We will use the data entered here only to process your request and for record-keeping as required by applicable laws or regulations. You or your authorized agent will receive an email to verify your information. Follow the instructions you will receive to complete processing of your request.
10-digit phone number. Do not include country code.

Currently, this form can only take requests from individual parties. Please email with your data request.