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Chapters are the grassroots team of the ACLU, organizing locally across Northern California. Chapter leaders are dedicated volunteers that work together to move our issues forward.

The chapter program delegates responsibility to chapter leaders to develop and implement local policy and base-building campaigns while receiving support and overall direction from staff.

  • Chapters help to build the ACLU base through activities such as phone banks, informational events, general outreach, know your rights trainings and recruiting participants to ACLU NorCal events and activities.
  • Chapters develop new leaders by distributing responsibility so people learn new organizing skills.
  • Chapters monitor civil liberties issues in their communities, work with staff to develop and lead local advocacy campaigns, and help inform ACLU NorCal work and priorities by providing local perspective on issues.
  • Chapters build relationships locally by participating in coalitions, meeting with partners and local leaders, and representing the organization publicly.

Serving as a chapter leader is a unique and special volunteer role at the ACLU. Unlike other volunteer roles, the activities of chapters and of chapter leaders as individuals are often viewed by members of the public as official representation of the ACLU. Acting as an ACLU chapter leader affords people with a lot of opportunities and influence in their communities, and chapter leaders must also represent our values and viewpoints at all times when representing the organization.

The below application will help staff and current chapter leaders work with you to identify how you can be part of our efforts. Staff and chapters provide many formal and informal training opportunities throughout the year. You do not need to be an experienced organizer to join our chapters! We do ask you to have a deep commitment to civil liberties in your community, and to ACLU values of justice, fairness, equality, and freedom. At this time during the COVID-19 pandemic, all chapter meetings and activities are virtual.

Please contact Tammy at with questions about serving on an ACLU chapter.

Note: Applications are pulled on a twice-monthly basis.

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