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ACLU of Northern California chapters are groups of volunteers that come together to develop community in their region through active participation as a member of the chapter. Chapters protect and advance civil liberties by:

  • Participating in staff led mobilization efforts on ballot measures or legislation;
  • Building partnerships with local organizations and community leaders through working together on events, presenting at meetings, and having one-on-one conversations;
  • Leveraging partnerships for sign on to letters for legislative advocacy or coalition-work on local policy issues;
  • Communicating ACLU expertise and policy perspectives to stakeholders, including law enforcement, school boards, or other elected or appointed leaders;
  • Hosting educational events such as forums or panels on timely ACLU issues; and,
  • Reaching out to the community and building the ACLU’s base through tabling and participating in local festivals, such as the annual Pride parade.

Serving as a chapter member is a unique and special volunteer role at the ACLU. Unlike other volunteer roles, the activities of chapters and of chapter members as individuals are often viewed by members of the public as official representation of the ACLU. Acting as a voice for the ACLU provides chapter members with a lot of opportunities and influence in their communities, and chapter members must also represent our values and viewpoints at all times when representing the organization.

The below application will help staff and current chapter members determine if you are the right fit for serving on an ACLU chapter. Staff provides many formal and informal training opportunities throughout the year, so prior experience is not weighed as heavily as your commitment to civil liberties, to ACLU values of justice, fairness, equality, and freedom, and to service on the chapter. Beginning in Spring 2020, staff will hold calls to go over the chapter program and what to expect as a chapter member. People who have completed the application below will receive information about these calls as they are scheduled.

Please contact Tammy Kreznar at with questions about serving on an ACLU chapter. If you do not think that serving on a chapter is the right fit for you, we have other volunteer programs which Tammy can discuss with you.

Note: Applications are pulled once a month and during the last week of every month. 



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