Oppose SB 101 - NC's "show me your papers" bill

Oppose SB 101 - NC's Anti-Immigrant "show me your papers" legislation

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Tell Governor Cooper to veto SB 101

In 2019, community members and organizations helped ensure that anti-immigrant legislation (HB 370) did not become law in North Carolina.

We need you to take action today to help stop a copycat of that same harmful policy!

Lawmakers recently passed SB 101 – an anti-immigrant "show me your papers" bill that circumvents sheriffs’ local authority by requiring them to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and perpetuates the federal government’s deportation pipeline. The bill will now be sent to Governor Cooper to veto or sign into law.

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I am writing today to urge you to oppose SB 101, Require Cooperation with ICE 2.0. This proposed legislation provides no protections for witnesses and crime victims, including domestic violence survivors, who may be deterred from reporting if they believe law enforcement is working with ICE. Local law enforcement shouldn't have to do ICE's bidding when it harms community trust and safety.

I strongly urge you to veto SB 101.


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