Black Futures Month 2024

Black History Education for Black Futures

Each February, we honor leaders in Black history and celebrate the battles they lead for civil rights. Black history is American history, but across the country, we’re seeing attempts to erase this history from our schools, universities, libraries, and from the American consciousness.

For those of us who continue to work to achieve systemic equality for Black people, this month has a feeling of urgency.

This Black History Month, pledge to protect Black history education by opposing book bans, curriculum restrictions, and censorship that erases our history and prevents students from learning the truth about our past.

All students have a right under Nevada law and under the Constitution to learn in a safe and inclusive environment. Solving today's challenges and those of the future requires an honest examination of where we've been and how we got here.

Everyone has a place in the movement for racial justice and for students' right to learn. To borrow an idea from bell hooks: Black History Month is for everyone.

I pledge to support Black history in education because students have the right to a safe, diverse, and equitable education that is free from censorship and hides the truth.