Tell Congress: Protect families seeking asylum

Right now, our lawmakers are considering writing extreme anti-immigrant policies favored by Donald Trump into permanent law.

The right to seek asylum is protected by international and domestic law, yet some Members of Congress want to deeply restrict this right and write other harmful anti-immigrant policies into law. Make no mistake: These measures are harmful, ineffective, and will hurt families who have long been part of our communities as well as people coming to the United States for the first time.

We must tell our Members of Congress that this is not who we are: Send a message today and let them know that sacrificing families and children seeking protection for short-term political points is unacceptable.

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Immigrants are welcome here
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Say NO to violent, racist restrictions on asylum.

As your constituent, I'm reaching out to ask you to defend our values and protect asylum rights by Voting NO on the 2024 emergency supplemental funding act that would restrict asylum and enact policies that would harm our immigrant neighbors. I won't turn my back on people fleeing danger and seeking asylum – and I'm counting on you to represent your constituents and do the same.

Voters are watching, and we won't tolerate any member of Congress trading away our core values for political points. Please protect the rights of immigrants and asylum seekers when you vote on legislation.


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