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The ACLU of Wisconsin is honored to continue to push for Systemic Equality for historically excluded communities. With community partners, we aim to empower Black youth and historically excluded community members to learn about their rights.

The latest Crime and Justice Institute report – published annually by an independent consultant tasked with evaluating the city's level of compliance with the terms of the agreement – found that Black Milwaukeeans continue to be subjected to stops, frisks, and encounters at far higher rates than Milwaukeeans of other races. The report also finds that MPD officers continue to stop and frisk people without reasonable suspicion, as required by law, at rates that violate the settlement.

According to the report, Black residents of driving age are 4.5 times more likely to get stopped than white drivers, more than 10 times as likely to be subjected to a non-traffic field interview, eight times more likely to be subject to a frisk-based encounter, and more than twice as likely to be frisked once stopped by police.

To address these racial disparities among Black people in the criminal justice system, the ACLU-WI, in collaboration with community partners, will host Know Your Rights Law Enforcement seminars.

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