Pledge to vote in your State’s Attorney election!

State's attorneys have enormous power over the lives of Vermonters entangled in the criminal justice system. They choose who gets charged and who is free to go, who gets special treatment, who goes to jail, whether to seek the maximum or minimum sentence, and whether to prosecute police officers and government officials for misconduct.

State's attorneys are also elected officials, which means they are ultimately accountable to the voters. Given the enormous power prosecutor wield in Vermont's criminal justice system, it is critical that on election day we show that Vermont voters care about criminal justice reform. Please pledge to vote!

The Pledge

I pledge to vote in my county's state's attorney election and I want candidates to explain how they will:

  • Increase transparency in how their office operates and makes key decisions;

  • Emphasize prevention, treatment, and a focus on addressing the root causes of crime;

  • Commit to fair practices and policies and be intentional about reducing racial disparity;

  • Ensure youth are held accountable in ways that keep them out of the adult system and are offered an opportunity to rebuild their lives;

  • Prioritize policies that are about building safe communities not prosecution rates.

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