2020 Board Elections

As an ACLU of Vermont member, you are eligible to vote in the 2020 election.

This year, seven ACLU members have been nominated for terms on the ACLU-VT Boards of Directors, including three new members.

Voting is open through Wednesday, November 18.

If you’re unable to vote online, please email info@acluvt.org.

We value the participation of our members and hope to see you virtually at our upcoming Annual Meeting, Thursday, November 19, from 5 - 6:30 p.m. More information on the agenda and how to register can be found at acluvt.org/2020annualmeeting.

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Beverly Colston, Winooski: "As an Afro-Latinx, first generation American, I came of age in the late ‘60s and was shaped by the Black Power movement and struggle for liberation and equal rights for all. I’m the proud beneficiary of Affirmative Action policies and have devoted my career to access, equity and inclusion in the field of higher education where I currently direct The Mosaic Center for Students of Color at The University of Vermont. As a lifelong advocate for justice, I know that the struggle will never end and despite any perceived gains against oppression, none can succumb to complacency. I believe in the power of community to sustain strength and wellness in the struggle for a caring, ethical society that nurtures the development of its members, Serving on the ACLU board will enable me to use my voice, resources and skills in service of the ACLU mission to 'realize the promise of the United States Constitution'."

Michelle Farkas, Burlington: "Equality, liberty and justice – principles codified by our constitution yet consistently challenged. These principles have been a guiding force throughout my life. As a law student, I interned with the ACLU in Miami, the Miami District Attorney’s office under Janet Reno, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston. In my role as managing partner, hiring partner, and head of marketing and community impact at Gravel & Shea in Burlington, I have bolstered inclusivity at the firm (which is now over 50% women) and created partnerships with Vermont organizations with missions to create an inclusive and diverse society. Vermont has afforded me many other opportunities to advance equal rights, from working on a pilot mentorship program for incarcerated women to recently helping to draft a state equal rights amendment. It would be an honor to join this board and I will do all I can to support its mission."

David Goodman, Waterbury Center: "‘I am a journalist, host of the WDEV radio show the Vermont Conversation, and author of 12 books, most recently Democracy Now! Twenty Years Covering the Movements Changing America (with Amy Goodman & Denis Moynihan). I have long covered civil liberties issues in my reporting. I've also been the keynote speaker at the Vermont ACLU annual meeting, talking about electronic privacy. I believe the ACLU plays a critical role as a watchdog of basic rights, and as a journalist I have often relied on it as a source. I look forward to continuing to support the Vermont affiliate as a board member and to helping to strengthen and sharpen its critical mission in Vermont and beyond."

Anthony Iarrapino, Montpelier: "I have a long history of collaboration with the ACLU, including in legislative coalitions and as cooperating attorney on Doyle v. City of Burlington, and assisting ACLU attorneys on an informal basis. Through all of those experiences, I have been impressed by the organization’s tenacity, courage, principles, and legal savvy. I understand that government can be a force for good to solve shared problems, but I have also seen many instances where the government's power is wielded arbitrarily or vindictively in ways that violate state and federal constitutions and to the detriment of marginalized groups. I have served in various capacities in the nonprofit advocacy realm, including as senior staff attorney, executive director, board member, and outside counsel. I believe my training as an attorney, past collaborations with ACLU, and familiarity with Vermont's political and legal landscape prepare me to contribute to the board."

Bernie Lambek, Montpelier: "I have served on the Board for the past six years. I hold the office of Treasurer and chair the Legal Advisory Panel. I hope to continue to serve as a Board member for a final three-year term, during these times of desperate need for a vigorous ACLU. A bit of background: I grew up in Montreal. In 1973, I went to Dartmouth College, studied philosophy, and became engaged in the peace, anti-nuclear, and social justice movements. For five years I taught fourth grade, then studied at Yale Law School, where I published articles on civil disobedience and human rights. I have practiced law at Zalinger Cameron & Lambek in Montpelier since 1992, concentrating on employment law, civil rights, commercial litigation, and school law. I play ping pong and write fiction. My wife, Linda Sproul, is a retired nurse and we have three sons and five grandchildren."

Susie Posner-Jones, Williston: "For over the last ten years I have worked for the University of Vermont Medical Center and UVM Foundation – most recently as the Network Director of Philanthropy and Population Health for the UVM Health Network. I also serve as the Network lead for the Healthcare Anchor Network which addresses racial equity and inclusion through practices in workforce development, supply chain/procurement, and community-based investments. I hold a master’s in healthcare administration. Recognizing that access to healthcare still eludes many and that disparities in social determinants exist, it is important, for me, to serve organizations I believe address the under-represented among us. The ACLU of Vermont holds a critical space and voice in the important work of our times – ensuring checks and balances of those that hold power and I look forward to lending my voice and my experience to continue this work alongside a strong, valued and diverse peer group in the Board of Directors."

Abe Sender, Essex Junction: "I am delighted to seek re-election to the ACLU-VT board of directors. I am a trans* identified young professional seeking to continue my work with the ACLU-VT. I work as a physician assistant at the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington. I have sat on the ACLU-VT board for six years and am currently serving as VP and chair of the nominating committee. I previously served as the affiliate equity officer for four years. I value community service and feel a large personal responsibility for protecting the rights of all people. I feel very strongly that all citizens deserve equal rights and protections and hope to continue to work to extend these rights to members of communities in which they have historically been denied. I am excited about potentially continuing to serve on the ACLU-VT board, as it would afford me the opportunity to remain involved in this critically important work."

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Seven ACLU members have been nominated for vacancies for full three-year terms. Choose up to 7 candidate(s).