Systemic Equality

The ACLU of Texas is launching Systemic Equality, a racial justice agenda that seeks to address a legacy of racism and discrimination in Texas using advocacy and litigation to strike down laws and practices that exclude and harm Black people. Efforts to limit voting rights and participation among communities of color, attempts by school districts to block Black students from wearing natural hair styles, and inequities in recovery efforts in Black and Brown communities after the 2021 winter storm are evidence that our racial justice work is more important than ever. We want to hear from our ACLU of Texas supporters. Tell us what a more equitable Texas looks like to you.

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We invite you to tell us your ideas, hopes and vision for what a racially equitable Texas looks like. This can be general, or relate to any of the following list of items: health care, housing, education, free speech and protest, voting rights, immigrants’ rights, reproductive freedom, LGBTQ equality, criminal justice, and/or policing.