El Paso DA for a Day: Smart Justice Workshop

Image: At the top are four photos. One shows an African-American man in a suit holding papers and gesturing. One features a row of people of varying ages sitting behind a long desk. Some have their heads down and write on paper, some face forward and look contemplative. One shows a woman with her hair pulled back holding papers and looking upwards from behind a podium. The last one shows people sitting in rows behind long desks. Their backs face the camera. Several are raising their hands and looking across a room at a someone standing up and addressing them. Text reads: El Paso County DA for a Day Workshop / Wednesday December 18 at 6 - 8pm/ Education Service Center - Region 19: Paso del Norte Classroom / 6611 Boeing Dr, El Paso, TX 79925.

Thank you for your interest in the DA for a Day Smart Justice workshop! Come join ACLU of Texas staff and find out if you have what it takes to be the most powerful official in El Paso County's criminal justice system. Fill out the short form below and let us know if you'll be bringing any guests. We'll see you there!

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