They Report to You Voter Pledge

Why the Take the Pledge? 
District attorneys (DAs) are the most powerful people in our state and local criminal justice systems and are also elected officials. They are the top prosecutor in each county. But only 23% of Oregon voters know who their county DA is, and 40% of voters choose not to vote in DA elections.

High levels of job security, tremendous power, and a lack of accountability is a bad combination for democracy and for justice.

Taking this pledge helps show that Oregon voters care about what happens in our criminal justice system. This is an important first step. The campaign will let you know when your county’s district attorney election is happening and we will also offer information to help you find out where the candidates stand on key issues.

The Pledge
I pledge to vote in my county’s district attorney election and I want candidates to explain how they will:

- Increase transparency in how their office operates and makes key decisions;

- Emphasize prevention, treatment, and a focus on addressing the root causes of crime;

- Commit to fair practices and policies and be intentional about reducing racial disparity;

- Ensure youth are held accountable in ways that keep them out of the adult system and are offered an opportunity to rebuild their lives;

- Prioritize policies that are about building safe communities not prosecution rates.

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