What You SHOULD Be Getting in Sex Ed

In 2015, the California Healthy Youth Act became law. It requires all California public schools to teach comprehensive sex education to students at least once in middle school and once in high school and ensures that students are getting the information and developing the skills that they need to stay healthy.

Use the form below to ensure that your school is providing comprehensive sex education.

None of the information you provide will be connected to you or get you in trouble. This survey helps us learn what is happening in California schools and makes sure that you and your peers get the information that’s legally promised to you. You are not required to share with us your name or contact information, but if you do, we will not use your name in any way. 

For more information about the CA Healthy Youth Act visit: myschoolmyrights.com/sex-ed or contact Ruth Dawson at rdawson@aclusocal.org.

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