Join the ACLU's Youth Legislative Advisory Committee

Want to gain a better understanding of South Dakota politics and how you can impact the process? Join the ACLU's Youth Legislative Advisory Committee, led by our Advocacy Manager Samantha Chapman, and let's change South Dakota politics for the better!

About the committee: The ACLU of South Dakota's Youth Legislative Advisory Committee meets virtually every week to discuss proposed legislation, local politics, and how specific current issues affect our lives and our communities.

The meetings last about an hour, during which we'll share news about proposed bills, policy analysis, and ACLU messaging guidance. You'll then have the opportunity to provide feedback, discuss legislative strategy and committee testimony and what steps we can take together next.

For youth who are 26 years old and younger and interested in learning more about how the legislature makes laws and how the ACLU works within that system to influence the outcome, participating on the advisory committee is a great start and a great way to gain experience for future opportunities.

How to get involved: Fill out the form on this page and email with any questions. Please share this with anyone you think would be interested.

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