Request a Speaker

Thank you for your interest in requesting a speaker. Due to a large number of speaker requests, we are unable to provide a speaker in all situations. We focus on providing speakers to talk about civil liberties issues where we are the most active. In addition, we are unable to provide speakers if the group is small and/or a long distance from where our staff is located. We typically only send speakers within 30 minutes of the Twin Cities or Mankato and ask that the group be above 30 people. We will consider requests for anywhere in the state if it is for a large event. We do not charge a speaker's fee.  

Here is our current list of speaking topics:

  • Know Your Rights, what to do if you are stopped by law enforcement
  • Voting rights
  • Immigrant's rights
  • Privacy rights
  • Racial Justice
  • Criminal Justice Reform

To request a speaker, please fill out the form below at least one month in advance.  

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