Contact Governor Wolf and demand action to protect public health

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across Pennsylvania and the nation, Governor Wolf must take action to protect public health and prevent an outbreak in Pennsylvania jails and prisons, where close quarters make social distancing impossible. Governor Wolf has announced his intention to use his power of reprieve to free hundreds of incarcerated people from Pennsylvania's prisons. Contact Governor Wolf to thank him for taking action and urge him to use the full extent of his executive powers to protect public health and the safety and dignity of incarcerated people.

The governor's phone number previously in use is now unavailable. Send a message to the governor and urge him to take action!

You can say something like this:

"Thank you for announcing that you will use your power of reprieve to protect public safety in Pennsylvania's prisons. The state Supreme Court recently ruled that you have the authority to order people to be released from jails and prisons to protect public health. Please use the full extent of your executive powers to ensure the release of all medically vulnerable people and others who can be released now. The more we can reduce the population of jails and prisons across Pennsylvania, the less of a chance that those institutions become epicenters for this pandemic. Please take action now and release as many people as necessary to ensure public safety and the protect the health and dignity of incarcerated people."

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