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Across the country, abortion access is under attack. A growing number of states are banning abortion outright. And since 2010, others have quietly passed more than 400 restrictions on abortion care.

What we're seeing now is an accelerated version of an anti-abortion playbook that we've seen for decades: politicians pushing abortion care out of reach, shutting down clinics, and threatening to throw patients and providers in jail.

We've been here before. We didn't back down then, and we certainly won't now.

As long as you're with us, we'll keep fighting to defend and expand access to abortion care.

Here in Pennsylvania, some politicians in Harrisburg are preparing legislation to ban abortions in the commonwealth should Roe be overturned. Some of those same legislators are also mounting an effort to drastically limit abortion rights through an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Make no mistake: the right to abortion care in Pennsylvania is under attack. But with your help as an Abortion Care Champion, we will be ready to fight for this essential healthcare.

Will you join ACLU-PA's Abortion Care Champion team and be ready to defend access to abortion in the commonwealth?

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