2021 Virtual Advocacy Week Registration

ACLU of Oklahoma’s first-ever virtual Advocacy Week will kick off on Sunday, February 21, at 3 p.m. on Zoom. Participants will be organized into groups according to their legislative district. Meetings with your lawmakers will be scheduled later during the week. More information about training times and scheduling for these meetings will be available soon.

2021 Virtual Advocacy Week
February 21 - 25

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ACLU-OK will schedule meetings with your elected lawmakers on your behalf. Due to the unique nature of 2021’s virtual legislative session, these 15-minute meetings will be scheduled over the period of several days. Every lobby day participant will be grouped with others from their district and each group will be scheduled for three meetings – one with your state senator and one with each of your state representatives.
An LD team captain is responsible for logging in a few minutes early to the Zoom calls with your lawmakers and serving as the liaison to the ACLU if your group encounters any technological or other issues.