ACLU of Nebraska Community Sponsorship Request Form

Thank you for considering the ACLU of Nebraska to be a part of your community event! Although we are unable to attend or support every event, we review all requests and do our best to support community partners advancing civil rights and civil liberties. Please fill out the following form at least two weeks prior to your event. Someone will get back to you shortly to see if the event if a good fit!

Please note: We do not attend or sponsor partisan/political events.

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ACLU of Nebraska is pleased to support community events advancing civil rights and civil liberties but provides no special warranty either express or implied regarding community events. As such, ACLU of Nebraska assumes no liability for any loss, theft, damage, or injury to property or persons whether arising in contract, negligence, equity, or otherwise at community events. Participation in community events is considered "at your own risk". All participants must act reasonably at all times and use due care under the circumstances to comply with all rules, regulations, statutes, and laws of local host communities, the State of Nebraska, and the United States of America.

ACLU of Nebraska reserves the right to utilize photos and visual images of community events open to the public in advocacy materials.