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The ACLU of Missouri and partner organizations are preparing to collect signatures on our referendum to repeal HB 126, Missouri's extreme anti-choice law that would ban abortion at 8-weeks. We need passionate volunteers who are interested in gathering signatures, being team leads, and becoming notaries. This form is specific to signature gathers.

Volunteer signature gatherers will help collect signatures for the referendum in six congressional districts. Signature gathers will work with team leads, checking in on what events to canvass and how best to split up turf. Petition circulators must be at least eighteen years of age and register with the secretary of state’s office.

Remember, we have to collect 100,000 signatures in less than 90 days! This effort depends on you!

If being a volunteer circulator does not work for you, please know there are other ways to be involved with the campaign including being a volunteer team lead or volunteering as a notary. For more information on the other opportunities, please see the ACLU of Missouri website.

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We expect each shift to be 3 hours and for volunteer to complete one shift each day they work. During your shift you will go to public events and spaces to collect signatures for the referendum.
Please feel free to select more than one. A list of congressional districts can be found here: