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The ACLU of Missouri and partner organizations are preparing to collect signatures on our referendum to repeal HB 126, Missouri's extreme anti-choice law that would ban abortion at 8-weeks. We need passionate volunteers who are interested in gathering signatures, being team leads, and becoming notaries. This form is specific to notaries.

After each signature gathering effort, we will need notaries in place during our debriefs to notarize signature pages. If you are a notary, or willing to become one, you can help us with this vital effort! Sign up below!

Not sure if you are eligible to be a notary or how to register? Find out more.

If being a volunteer notary does not work for you, please know there are other ways to be involved with the campaign including volunteer signature gathering and as a volunteer team lead. For more information on the other opportunities please see the ACLU of Missouri website.

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The cost is $25 and the instructions can be found here:
Becoming a notary does cost over fifty dollars. We cannot guarantee assistance at this time but wish to know this in hopes of being able to pool resources to assist.
We will start collecting signatures in June or July and will complete the effort by August 28th.
We expect each shift to be 2 hours and for notaries to complete one shift each day they work.