Become a ROE Rapid Responder

There’s a movement building across the country to counteract the attacks on abortion rights from anti-abortion extremists across the country. States like New York, Maine, and Nevada are passing bold legislation to protect the right to abortion and to proactively expand access to reproductive health care.

It’s time for Massachusetts to move reproductive freedom forward.

Here in Massachusetts, we are fighting for the ROE Act – state legislation that will eliminate harmful restrictions on abortion that block people from care. This bill has momentum – but we need your help. That’s why we're inviting you to become a ROE Rapid Responder.

What does a ROE Rapid Responder do?

  • Commits to making a weekly call to their state representative and senator in support of the ROE Act.
  • Receives breaking news about the bill from ROE Act Coalition partners and provides rapid response.
  • Participates in exclusive skill-building webinars about the ROE Act, storytelling, lobbying, and more.

Massachusetts has an opportunity to lead the nation by passing the ROE Act. We know what we’re up against, which is why we need YOU to speak up and keep the pressure on lawmakers throughout this campaign. We must pass the ROE Act – and we need your help.

Questions? Please reach out to Olivia Santoro.

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