Fair Chance Employment Campaign Endorsement Form

Throughout the state of Idaho, business owners and their employees help build strong communities and local economies. Employees with diverse backgrounds and experiences are contributing to a thriving and robust business community. When Idahoans with previous convictions are able to access employment opportunities that put their skills and qualifications over their criminal background, all Idahoans benefit from reduced rates of recidivism, increased public safety, and a strong local and state economy.

The ACLU of Idaho hopes that business and community organization endorsers will be actively involved in the campaign to pass Fair Chance Employment legislation during the 2020 legislative session. Active engagement can take many forms, including: lending your business or organization name as a supporter, meeting with other businesses or organizations to recruit additional endorsers, attending legislative hearings, testifying before legislative committees, speaking with the media, writing letters of support, and/or meeting with your elected officials. We understand that each business and organization will have different interests, and potential limitations, regarding their engagement, and ACLU staff are happy to work with each individual group to determine the best level of engagement to ensure Fair Chance Employment legislation progress in Idaho.

To create a better Idaho for all, we are seeking endorsements from local businesses across the state. If you or your business would like to endorse the Fair Chance Employment proposal, we ask that you complete the business endorser form.

For more information please contact Ruby Mendez-Mota, ACLU of Idaho: (208) 344-9750 x 1213.
For more information about the campaign, please visit our ACLU of Idaho website: acluidaho.org.

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