Help Us Hold CBP Officials Accountable

In September 2020, the ACLU secured a landmark settlement agreement safeguarding individuals’ First Amendment right to photograph and record government activity in public view at or near land ports of entry in the United States. You can read the full settlement agreement here.  

Through September 2025, the ACLU can raise alleged violations of this settlement in court without filing a new lawsuit. If you believe your First Amendment rights have been violated by U.S. government officials at or near a land port of entry in the United States, please complete the following intake form. If we believe your rights have been violated, we will be in touch with you to discuss next steps. 

For contact purposes in case we need to reach you. This will not be made public.
Please specify one (1) U.S. land Port of Entry. Please note that airports are not covered by the Askins Settlement.
Please note: the Askins Settlement only applies to conduct inside the United States.
Please note: the Askins Settlement only applies to Publicly Accessible Areas, which are outdoor areas that are not Restricted Access Areas. Restricted Access Areas include inspection points and the interior of port buildings.
Please provide details about the incident, including the type(s) of U.S. government official(s) with whom you interacted (please include uniform color and/or whether officials were in plain clothes); whether your photographs or recordings were confiscated or deleted; and any other information you may have.

By completing and submitting this form, I (1) agree that ACLU, its state affiliates, or their respective representatives can email, call, or text me at the contacts provided above; and (2) confirm that the ACLU has permission to share this story as it appears.

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