CultureShift: Trainings for Equity and Racial Justice

Tuesday, March 2nd at 6pm: Combatting White Supremacy in Progressive Spaces

White supremacy is deeply woven into the politics and society of the United States, including in spaces where we are fighting against White Supremacy. Join us for a discussion about how white supremacy shows up, even when we don’t intend it, the impact, and practical tools you can develop to interrupt and dismantle white supremacy.

CultureShift trainings are held every first Tuesday of odd-numbered months, followed by office hours with the facilitator on Thursdays at noon.

Please contact Tessa D’Arcangelew at with questions.

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with 1 being “I avoid the subject and/or don’t have spaces to talk about White Supremacy,” and 5 being “I talk about it regularly with friends, family or colleagues and am drawn towards reading and other learning opportunities on the subject of White Supremacy”