Check The Sheriff: Share Your Story

Have you or someone you know been harmed in any way by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department? If so, please share your story.

From racial profiling and unwarranted searches to assault and harassment in public and our jails, sheriff's deputies in L.A. County have been notorious for abusing their authority.

In recent years, we've seen flagrant violations by deputies with impunity under the current sheriff's watch. We need the L.A. County Board of Supervisors to understand that having a sheriff who lets deputies racially profile, commit violent acts, and terrorize communities impacts everyone.

We are urging the board to take meaningful action to keep the sheriff and the sheriff's department accountable to the people. Your story can help persuade them.

By submitting your story through this form, you understand that this form is not a solicitation offer by the ACLU SoCal to represent you, and you allow the ACLU SoCal to contact you and/or forward your story to the L.A. County Board of Supervisors in its advocacy efforts for sheriff accountability.

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