Commit to VOTE in the 2020 Maricopa County Attorney's Race!

Vote For County Attorney

County attorneys have the power to immediately begin reducing our prison population, end the criminalization of poverty and addiction, and reunite families.

We can use our vote and our voice to demand a county attorney who will:

  • Work to reduce Arizona's prison population
  • Challenge racism within the criminal legal system
  • Be a visible champion for reform at the state Capitol
  • Restore trust between law enforcement and the community
  • Keep families together by considering immigration consequences when prosecuting people
  • Be transparent with the public

In 2016, about 10 percent of Maricopa County voters who turned in a ballot left the county attorney position blank. Let’s work together to ensure every voter in Maricopa County is aware of the magnitude of this elected position.

Can you commit to vote in the Maricopa County Attorney's race in August and November 2020?

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