2019 Opinion Survey

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Part 1 of 3: Your Priorities

1. Your continued support helps advance many important ACLU initiatives. Please rate how important these initiatives are to you.

(1 = least important; 5 = most important)

Defending voting rights by protecting against voter suppression and gerrymandering.
Defending immigrants and refugees from unconstitutional threats to their freedoms.
Protecting free speech by ensuring a free press, the right to protest, and protection for whistleblowers.
Protecting reproductive rights so women can make important personal decisions without political interference.
Fighting for racial justice in education, the criminal justice system, and throughout our society.
Ensuring LGBT people have equal rights and access to employment, housing, restrooms, businesses, and healthcare.
Part 2 of 3: Your Support of the ACLU
I alreadyI would considerI would not consider
Follow ACLU on social media
Sign ACLU petitions
Call my member of Congress or other officials
Attend civil liberties marches or protests
Volunteer with ACLU or attend a grassroots organizing meeting like People Power
Part 3 of 3: About You