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Voter Protection Alliance. ACLU of Nevada.

The ACLU of Nevada Voter Protection Alliance is a nonpartisan program working to make sure our democracy is functioning fairly and efficiently. Our volunteers help us identify emerging threats to our democratic process as they arise and confront these issues with legal actions.

Volunteer leaders will serve a critical role as watchdogs throughout the election cycle, including the processes that follow Election Day.


Community Outreach

Engage people at events and other public forums to make sure our community knows their rights and recruit people to contribute their time as legal observers.

Legal Observers

Volunteer legal observers will be trained to observe, document, and report issues that arise at polling locations. This will help identify repeated issues and determine when legal challenges must be brought.

Filing Legal Challenges

Once we have documented that repeated issues have occurred, we will determine if legal challenges must be brought. We’ll need your help in filing these challenges. Tasks would include conducting research, drafting legal pleadings, and filing pleadings, all in collaboration with the legal team.

Post-Election Issues

Some issues may arise post-election, such as election workers failing to follow procedures when counting ballots and curing ballots. When such issues arise, volunteers will help eligible voters make sure that their vote is counted and/or help the ACLU of Nevada legal team with filing legal challenges.

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