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Are you interested in training people on their rights, from how to hande police interactions to how to peacefully protest? If so, apply to our Know Your Rights facilitator training program to become an official ACLU NorCal trainer! Our office offers Know Your Rights trainings on a number of issue areas, most commonly on: police, immigrants' rights, Middle East/Muslim rights, students' rights, protests, and sex ed. Trainers will be given the tools to facilitate trainings on all of our topic areas, but please indicate below if you have more interest/expertise in one or more of these areas specifically. We will provide all of the tools and resources needed for you to succeed. 
We receive Know Your Rights training requests from schools, workplaces, and other community groups. Trainers will also be expected to actively recruit partners to facilitate trainings with. The amount of interest and need ebbs and flows depending on the time of year and current events.  
Please contact Amanda Young at for any questions.

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