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We welcome adult volunteers and mature teens to assist and support the public education and community outreach activities of our local offices in Kansas City and St. Louis. We also highly encourage Missourians from around the state to volunteer. The ACLU hosts events all over Missouri; we need passionate civil rights volunteers to organize and host tables at events, march in parades, knock on doors, make phone calls and so much more!

There are also many opportunities to work on specific projects and assist in case processing. We need people to read requests for legal assistance, review footage sent to us via our Mobile Justice app, and conduct research on specific civil liberties issues.

No matter what your special skill–anything from graphic design to experience as a paralegal to an uncanny ability to charm people over the phone–we welcome you to join us. Is there an idea or project you would like to help us launch? Let us know!

Thank you for your interest in fighting for the constitutional rights and civil liberties of all Missourians.

Visit our calendar page to see a listing of upcoming events where we need volunteer help.

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