San Fernando Valley Chapter Board Elections

Dear ACLU Members:

It is time for our 2019 Chapter Board of Directors Election. On this page, you can read candidate profiles, submit your vote, and, should you opt-in, stay connected with the ACLU SoCal San Fernando Valley Chapter.

In accordance with our bylaws, ACLU members who reside in the chapter’s region elect Chapter Directors to open Board seats. Candidates are running for three-year terms and the board is composed of staggered terms to allow one-third of the Board to term-out every year.

This election is open to ACLU members only. To verify your eligibility as a member, enter the last three digits of your membership number before submitting your marked ballot. Given our strong stands on privacy rights, votes are kept in complete anonymity from our eligibility verification.

Votes must be submitted by Friday, September 30, by 11:59 p.m.

Stay connected to the San Fernando Valley Chapter.

Throughout the year, the chapter engages in local monitoring, advocacy, community education, and participates in local, state and federal campaigns. At the time of submitting your vote, you will have the choice to share your contact information with the chapter.

Should you have questions about this election, contact me directly at

Thank you for your continued support,

Gabriela Rojas
Chapter Manager
ACLU of Southern California


Voting instructions:

  • Review the candidates' profiles.
  • Write-In Candidates – please include your name, email and phone number to be contacted by a member of the board.
  • Mark your votes by Friday, September 30 at 11:59 p.m. PT.
  • Enter the last three digits of your ACLU member number.

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2019 Slate of Candidates

Rachel Canon

I have been a resident of the San Fernando Valley since 1970, an ACLU member for many years, and an activist since Vietnam. After a long career in corporate communications roles for major companies in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, I am currently semi-retired, serve as secretary of the SFV ACLU chapter and am a regular volunteer at the California Wildlife Center.

Warren Garfield

Warren graduated from UCLA's film school and then worked as assistant to Academy Award-winning producer Harold Hecht ("Marty" 1955). He wrote a "spaghetti Western" for MGM release, "A Stranger in Town," and then landed in post-production, creating previews of coming attractions or "trailers," for Paramount and Disney and later for his own company, Coming Attractions. In the 90's he could be heard singing with the Angel City Chorale and he sings today with The Valley Harmony Singers, a barbershop chorus. Warren has served on the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest Board of Directors since 2000. He has been actively working on promotion for the SFV ACLU chapter for many years.

Kara Hansen

An ACLU member since 2008, I am the current Treasurer of the San Fernando Valley Chapter. I have lived in the San Fernando Valley since 2004. I hold a BS in journalism and am a longtime First Amendment proponent and advocate for gender and LBGTQ equality. I work in technology at a Fortune 100 company and manage a multi-million dollar budget; I also serve on my department's diversity council.

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