Pasadena-Foothills Chapter Board Elections

Dear ACLU Members:

It is time for our 2019 Chapter Board of Directors Election. On this page, you can read candidate profiles, submit your vote, and, should you opt-in, stay connected with the ACLU SoCal Pasadena-Foothills Chapter.

In accordance with our bylaws, ACLU members who reside in the chapter’s region elect Chapter Directors to open Board seats. Candidates are running for three-year terms and the board is composed of staggered terms to allow one-third of the Board to term-out every year.

This election is open to ACLU members only. To verify your eligibility as a member, enter the last three digits of your membership number before submitting your marked ballot. Given our strong stands on privacy rights, votes are kept in complete anonymity from our eligibility verification.

Votes must be submitted by Friday, September 30, by 11:59 p.m.

Stay connected to the Pasadena-Foothills Chapter.

Throughout the year, the chapter engages in local monitoring, advocacy, community education, and participates in local, state and federal campaigns. At the time of submitting your vote, you will have the choice to share your contact information with the chapter.

Should you have questions about this election, contact me directly at

Thank you for your continued support,

Gabriela Rojas
Chapter Manager
ACLU of Southern California


Voting instructions:

  • Review the candidates' profiles.
  • Write-In Candidates – please include your name, email and phone number to be contacted by a member of the board.
  • Mark your votes by Friday, September 30 at 11:59 p.m. PT.
  • Enter the last three digits of your ACLU member number.

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2019 Slate of Candidates

Sharon Kyle, J.D.

Sharon Kyle has served with the ACLU SoCal Pasadena-Foothills Chapter for over 10 years and serves on the ACLU Union Board as its representative to the ACLU National Board. She is founding publisher of L.A. Progressive and former president of the Guild Law School in Los Angeles. She is especially interested in issues involving racial justice.


Dick Price

Dick Price has served with the ACLU SoCal Pasadena-Foothills Chapter for over 10 years and serves on the ACLU Union Board where is a member of the Executive Committee and Nominating Committee. He is the founding editor of L.A. Progressive and Hollywood Progressive and is especially interested in veterans’ issues and homelessness.

Paloma Nafaratte

Paloma Nafarrate is a writer, director, cinematographer, photographer, artist & activist. She was born in México. She did her film undergrad at UC Santa Cruz, CA & finished her master’s degree in film through the New York University in Singapore.

She has written, directed & filmed many shorts, documentaries & narratives from America, Europe, Asia & Africa. She has also worked as producer, editor for different commercials from BMW to music videos, concerts and events.

One of her latest narrative short "Simmer" takes place in Singapore, about a female real estate agent whose bored successful life goes up side down when she bumps into an old platonic friend, a writer of her generation. Her most recent documentary is titled “Quinceañeras of The Golden Age” shot in LA about older Latin women who never celebrated their fifteen years old party who finally get to do it now.

Her ongoing series of photography is #auntiesandunclesoftheworld (on Instagram) originated in Singapore about unique everyday older people.

Some of her activist work is with 350 for the stop of oil trains, in general pushing for progressive agenda and recent work with ACLU.

While living in LA, Paloma shoots art, fashion, equality, environmental and social justice videos while focusing on the development of her documentary 3 Brothers.

Paul McDermott

My name is Paul McDermott and I am interested in a position on the Board of the Pasadena-Foothills Chapter of ACLU SoCal. I have been a member of ACLU for 31 years and have been a resident of Northeast Los Angeles for 29 years.

I taught Social Studies and Latin in the LAUSD schools for 27 years and am currently teaching at Cal State Northridge as an adjunct professor. I have advanced degrees in Ancient History, Archaeology, and Latin from UC Berkeley and UCLA.

My primary interest in serving on the Board would be to focus on the issue of the "school to prison pipeline," safeguarding freedom of speech on campus, and preserving academic freedom. In addition to these, I would like to assist others on the Board in defending immigrant rights and promoting economic justice and attacking income disparity.

Jim Nasella

Jim Nasella recently became a lawyer and practicing in a voluntary service capacity to low income clients at self-help centers. He is the Treasurer/Secretary of the Glendale Human Relations Coalition, which promotes good relations between Glendale's ethnic groups, especially teens. He was an assistant director in the Film Industry for 30 years and graduated from Harvard University in 1967. Jim just became a grandfather.

Yuny Parada

Yuny Parada is a Progressive Activist involved in different aspects of life in Pasadena, CA. Her volunteer work is aimed at seeking a fair and equitable distribution of resources to the Latino Community. Ms. Parada is a Member of the Pasadena Community Access Corporation Board, The Pasadena Parks and Recreation Foundation, and Pasadena-Foothills ACLU Chapter.

Previously, she was a Commissioner on the Human Services and Human Relations in the City of Pasadena, served as Board Member to the League of Women Voters, and the Pasadena Senior Center. Ms. Parada is also involved in education and serves as a member of PCC President’s Latino Advisory Committee.

Ms. Parada has three children and three grandchildren.

Vincent DeStefano

Vincent De Stefano has been involved with and a member of the ACLU for at least three decades. However, he was only elected as a board member last year. During those same past decades he has been part of many other social justice struggles including CICOPP, working on Police reform in Pasadena with Amnesty International as an Urgent Action and WARN letter writer. He was named Urgent Action Hero for 2018 at this year’s Amnesty General meeting in Chicago. He dances a very mean rumba and has eaten an entire bag of marshmallows in one sitting too many times to be remembered. His cat likes him very much; generally, at feeding time.

Marla Tauscher

Marla Tauscher has served on the Police Surveillance Committee of the ACLU Pasadena-Foothills chapter for approximately 1 ½ years and on the board of the ACLU Pasadena-Foothills chapter for approximately three months. She is a civil rights attorney particularly as it relates to animal control/law enforcement and illegal seizures of animals. She is especially interested in law enforcement reform and justice.

Michelle White

Michelle White, an attorney and past member of the ACLU SoCal Board, has served on the Pasadena-Foothills Board for close to 20 years. Her area of concentrations are fair and affordable housing and issues of economic justice. She is the Executive Director of Affordable Housing Services and is currently deeply immersed in the effort to bring rent control and just cause eviction protections to Pasadena.

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