Protect the First Amendment in Wyoming – tell your senators to vote no on Senate File 74


Senate File 74 makes it a crime to "impede" critical infrastructure, even if the person or organization never even goes near a physical infrastructure site. The bill even criminalizes organizations that encourage protesters. For example, it would target an indigenous organization that sends Water Protectors to a pipeline protest site similar to Standing Rock, even if those protesters never actually trespass or damage property.

This bill is plainly an attempt to chill free speech and protesting in Wyoming in response to grassroots actions seeking to advocate for environmental causes and pipeline protests.

Infrastructure that's critical to Wyoming is already protected under existing laws. Tell your senator to stand up for the First Amendment and vote no on Senate File 74.

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I am writing to you today to ask you to vote no on Senate File 74.

Please vote no on Senate File 74, and protect free speech in Wyoming. Thank you for your time.


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