Let’s give the death penalty the boot in Wyoming!


The problems with the death penalty are well known and damning. The practice is irreparably biased; it delays justice for victims’ families and draws out their suffering; and it is ineffective in deterring crime. Additionally, the death penalty costs Wyoming hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars every year – as it does for every state in which the death penalty is still law.

In 2020, the Wyoming House of Representatives narrowly missed meeting the 2/3 super majority of votes required to consider legislation that would repeal the death penalty during the legislature’s budget session.

We can do better – but we can’t do it alone. Send your legislators a note asking them to support the repeal of the death penalty in 2021.

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End the Death Penalty WYO 2021
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I’m writing to you today about repealing the death penalty in Wyoming in 2021.

I want to see the death penalty repealed in Wyoming and I hope you do, too. Please support and vote for a bill to end the death penalty during the 2021 legislative session.


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