Tell the Wisconsin State Legislature: Let Trans Students Play Sports

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The Wisconsin State Assembly recently passed AB 378/SB 377 and AB 377/SB 378 – a pair of bills that would exclude transgender students in elementary, high schools, and public colleges and universities from participating in sports teams consistent with their identified gender.

Excluding trans students from participating in sports teams consistent with their authentic gender identity is unfair and wrong. School sports should be inclusive for all students.

We must fight for trans youth – today and every day. Send your legislators a message now, urge them to reject these bills, and let all students play.

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I am writing today to urge you to oppose the legislation – Assembly Bills 377 and 378 and Senate Bills 377 and 378 – that would bar transgender students from joining school sports teams that are consistent with their gender identity.

Trans students play sports to challenge themselves and be part of a team – the same as their peers. Participation in sports generally positively impacts students across the gender spectrum, as the opportunity to play sports is correlated with better grades, higher educational and career aspirations, and improved self-esteem.

We must support all of our students, and that includes trans students. We need them to know they are loved and that they belong exactly as they are. I encourage you to vote against these bills so all kids can play.


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