Protect Washington youth. Insist on comprehensive sexual health education.


Washington owes its youth the best education possible. This includes comprehensive sexual health education which is proven to protect the health of young people and encourage informed decision-making. Programs that address affirmative consent, dating, and LGBTQ issues can also reduce bullying and violence. Protect young people by giving them the information they need to be safe, healthy, and responsible. Tell your legislator to pass the comprehensive sexual education bill.

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Support ESSB 5395: Comprehensive Sexual Education
Dear Legislator:

Public schools play an important role in building safe and healthy communities and should give students the skills and information they need to make healthy decisions. I urge you to support ESSB 5395, which will ensure that all students in Washington receive comprehensive, medically accurate, age-appropriate, and inclusive sexual health education.

Research has shown that comprehensive sexual health education programs lead to positive health outcomes among young people. Young people who receive comprehensive sexual health education wait until they are older to initiate sex, have fewer sexual partners and higher use of contraception and condoms, and have lower rates of sexually transmitted infection and unintended pregnancy.

Sexual health education that includes information on healthy relationships and affirmative consent, like ESSB 5395, can also help prevent intimate partner violence. One study found that students are sixty percent less likely to perpetuate forms of dating violence against a partner after being taught a safe dating curriculum. Sexual health education that is inclusive of LGBTQ students can also decrease rates of bullying and harassment in school.

Sex education is widely supported by a majority of Americans, the state Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Washington Education Association, and by the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. In fact, over 90 percent of parents support sex education in both middle and high school, and ESSB 5395 also permits parents to opt their children out of sex education.

Washington owes its youth the best education possible. This includes comprehensive sexual health education. Please vote ESSB 5395 out of committee with a do pass recommendation.


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