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Data is power in today’s digital society and you should have control over your personal data. A data privacy bill (HB 1854/SB 5376) is under consideration in Olympia that introduces some protections but does not go far enough. Demand strong, meaningful privacy protections. Tell your legislator to strengthen the data privacy bill.

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Strengthen data privacy protections in HB 1854 / SB 5376.
Dear Representative:

I write to urge you to support a strong approach to data privacy legislation that empowers consumers to take control of data about themselves and rejects the spread of biased face surveillance technology.

As we have seen in recent years, data is power in our digital society, and we cannot rely on corporations to police the ways in which they monetize and traffic in that information. We understand that data-driven decisions are being made with more frequency and without checks or balances – often without our knowledge.

I urge you to strengthen HB 1854/ SB 5376 to allow consumers of all ages across Washington state to reign in corporations that profit from our information. Without meaningful safeguards, policies like net-neutrality, protections against deceptive consumer practices or biased surveillance practices will continue to proliferate and impact youth and communities of color the most.

Please consider adopting the following baseline regulations:

1. European-style General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) with an enforcement mechanism to keep rogue corporations accountable to Washington consumers;

2. Delete all face surveillance provisions from SB 5376, and instead use those in HB 1854;

3. Remove local preemption – set a floor, not a ceiling, so that local governments can innovate and decide if a stronger consumer protection standard is necessary.

I urge you to strengthen HB 1854/SB 5376 to truly protect Washington consumers.


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