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Virginia is one of only three states whose constitution permanently disenfranchises every citizen convicted of a felony unless the government individually restores their right to vote. Recent Virginia governors have worked to expand the rules for restoration of civil rights, but restoration efforts aren’t enough. Many people are left out, disproportionally leaving out people of color.

It is time to remove this Jim Crow-era limit on voting rights and make clear to lawmakers that the vote belongs to the people — not the government they elect. Let the General Assembly know you want to amend the Virginia Constitution to simply say: Every eligible Virginian over 18 shall have the fundamental right to vote in the commonwealth, and such right shall not be abridged by law.

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The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy. It is time to eliminate the Jim Crow-era limit on voting rights and amend the Virginia Constitution to guarantee the right to vote for every registered citizen and resident over 18.

Please support a voting rights amendment in the 2019 General Assembly session. Several bills have been introduced – HJ 598, SJ 261 and SJ 262 – which would begin the process of amending the Virginia Constitution and guarantee the right to vote.


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