Tell Legislators to Reject Governor Youngkin's Earned Sentence Credit Amendment

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In Virginia, people who are incarcerated can earn sentence credits (ESC) towards their release. That's what lawmakers promised – but now Gov. Youngkin is trying to make them go back on their word.

The governor has introduced a budget amendment that would partially repeal the ESC program. Lawmakers must reject it.

Tell your lawmaker that Virginia's public safety and bottom line depend on ESC.

The ESC program is how incarcerated Virginians prove they're not a threat and that they're ready to come home to their families. It's how we incentivize good habits and skills people can use when they're released. And it's smart fiscal policy that will save Virginia at least $28 million over the next two years – or by some estimates, as much as $118 million.

Lawmakers know that. That's why they implemented the ESC program, and why they already rejected Governor Youngkin's last attempt to partially repeal it.

Tell them to do it again. They shouldn't let the governor undermine their vision for Virginia.

They did the right thing by rejecting Governor Youngkin's partial repeal of the ESC program, and now it's time for them to reject his newest budget amendment.

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Governor Youngkin should not be undermining lawmakers' vision for Virginia.

You know that earned sentence credits make Virginia safer and more fiscally responsible. And you promised incarcerated people and their families that their hard work in prison could earn them credits towards their release.

So don't let Governor Youngkin make you go back on your word now. Virginia is depending on you to incentivize people to learn good habits and skills while they're incarcerated, so that when – not if – they're released, our communities will be safer.

Victims of crime are depending on you, too: they need resources if they're going to heal, and the ESC program could provide them. ESCs will save Virginia at least $28 million over the next two years – and by some estimates, as much as $118 million over the same time period. That could go straight to critically needed public services.

After all, in Virginia, lawmakers are the ones who make the law. Governor Youngkin's administration shouldn't try to undermine the will of Virginia's lawmakers or the people they represent.

I'm counting on you to protect the ESC program for the sake of Virginia's safety and fiscal responsibility.


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