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Currently, people with a felony conviction only have one way to gain access to the ballot box – through a governor's restoration of their rights. Since 2013, Virginia's governors – regardless of party – have consistently restored the right to vote to people who have served their time and earned a second chance to participate in our democracy.

But since assuming office in January, Governor Youngkin has yet to restore voting rights to any returning Virginians. Denying formerly incarcerated people from fully investing in society creates a culture of civic apathy and doesn’t take advantage of the contributions of all Virginians. Without this critical right, people who are contributing members of our society cannot have a say in their government or the laws and policies that impact them every day – that's wrong.

It is concerning that Governor Youngkin has yet to restore rights to people who have served their time – many who've been in the process since the beginning of the year. When he assumed the role of leadership, he promised to be a governor that would serve all Virginians. That should include people who have served their time and are waiting to get their right to vote back.

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When you were elected to be Virginia’s governor, you promised to be a leader that would serve ALL Virginians. Serving all Virginians means honoring a long tradition done by governors from both parties: restoring the right to vote to returning Virginians who have served their time and want to participate in our communities and rejoin society fully.

In the months since your inauguration, you have neglected to restore voting rights to any returning Virginians, including those who’ve been in the pipeline for months. This impacts tens of thousands of people who may be your neighbors, your delivery people, your local contractors, business owners, or the founders of non-profits – people in our communities who are rebuilding productive and constructive lives in our Commonwealth.

Voting right restoration is the status quo in Virginia and I urge you to uphold this essential tradition. When our Commonwealth recognizes the hard work returning Virginians have done to reenter their communities by giving them a voice in our government, our democracy is stronger. Make restoring the right to vote to those who’ve served their time one of your top priorities and begin to restore voting rights immediately. The people who are returning to their communities deserve a second chance to be full participants in those communities. We hope we can count on you.


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