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Virginia's excuse-based voting system is inherently unfair and intrudes on voters' privacy. All registered voters deserve an equal opportunity to cast their ballot free from excuses, no matter where they live, who they are or what type of job they have.

True no-excuse absentee voting increases voter turnout and makes it easier for people to participate in our democracy. The existing limits on absentee voting disproportionately affect voters in rural areas and voters with lower incomes. It's important that the Virginia General Assembly pass a law that allows all Virginia voters to vote absentee both in person or by mail without having to offer an excuse or provide personal information.

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As my representative in the Virginia General Assembly, I urge you to expand access to the polls by passing TRUE no-excuse absentee voting in the 2020 legislative session. The Commonwealth is the second most difficult state in which to vote because of outdated voting laws such as excuse-based absentee voting.

True no-excuse absentee voting, in person and by mail for a 45-day period before each election, is a real solution that allows all registered voters the same opportunities to cast their ballots. It would also help reduce voter suppression, confusion and long lines on Election Day, while increasing voter participation by 2-4%, especially in low-income and rural communities.

No-excuse absentee voting works. It is not a novel, untested concept in elections. Voting by no-excuse absentee ballot has been successful in other localities across the country. Please support House Bill 1, patroned by Del. Charniele L. Herring, and Senate Bill 45, patroned by Sen. Lionell Spruill. Both bills strike out language that requires registered voters to provide an excuse to vote absentee in person and by mail.

Passing true no-excuse absentee voting will not just expand Virginians access to the ballot box, but help move the Commonwealth in the right direction to make voting more accessible to all its registered voters.


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