Demand all charges against protesters be dropped.


People are in the streets demanding accountability in policing and an end to systemic, anti-Black racism, and night after night, police are escalating violence against them. Without provocation, police have called "unlawful assemblies" and rounded up marchers for mass arrests.

Richmond's prosecutor, Colette McEachin, has the power to drop all charges against protesters. If an "unlawful assembly" is called by police without merit, she has the power to refuse to prosecute anyone who resists that call and is arrested. She has the power to respond to the family of Marcus-David Peters who was killed by police two years ago, by reviewing the case and appointing a special prosecutor for an independent investigation.

It's time for McEachin to show up, lead, and do the right thing, right now. Demand she drop all charges against protesters, set standards for police in calling an unlawful assembly, and make sure Marcus-David Peters' case gets an independent investigation.

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Richmond City Commonwealth's Attorney Colette McEachin

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While exercising the right to free speech, protesters in our city have been subjected to escalating violence by police, including tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and other tools of war. Without provocation, police have called “unlawful assemblies” and rounded up marchers for mass arrests.

It is your responsibility to bring justice to people who are speaking out against systemic, anti-Black racism. We’re in the midst of a critical movement, and I urge you to stand with us. You can support Black lives in Richmond by:

1. Dropping all charges against protesters, starting with those who were arrested on June 1. That night, police corralled more than 200 protesters and held many of them in unsafe conditions – all for a curfew violation. Since then, many more people have been arrested for protesting against police violence, and they all deserve to be free from unjustified criminal charges.
2. Setting standards for calling an unlawful assembly. Advise police what actually constitutes an unlawful assembly under the “anti-riot” act, and refuse to prosecute anyone arrested when an “unlawful assembly” is declared without foundation.
3. Listening to the family of Marcus-David Peters. As requested by the family, reopen the case and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate.

Police must be held accountable for their escalation of violence against protesters. As people in Richmond and across the country speak out against systemic and anti-Black racism, we are looking to you to lead.


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