URGENT! Protect the Right to Protest!


UPDATE: HB 2485 is dead but similar bills are still alive.

Arizona lawmakers are trying to silence the voices of Black and Brown communities who have led protests against police brutality. The Legislature is considering several bills that would criminalize people for exercising their First Amendment right to peacefully assemble and protest.

HB 2309 and SB 1125 would stifle our rights by charging a person with a felony even if they do not commit an act of violence or property damage. If passed, people making their voices heard with tactics from the Civil Rights era – like sit-ins, boycotts, and the March to Selma—could be sent to prison. Generations of people throughout history have used peaceful protest as a way to call attention to the most oppressive government action. We must let lawmakers know that we do not support any bills that will strip away the right to protest.

Contact your lawmakers today and tell them to reject HB 2309, SB 1125 and any other bill that threatens our right to criticize the government freely and fairly.

Anti protest bills
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Please protect the First Amendment

As your constituent, I urge you to vote NO on HB 2309 and SB 1125, dangerous bills that threaten to imprison people for exercising their First Amendment right to peaceful protest.

Please vote no on HB 2309, SB 1125 and any other bill that attempts to chip away at our right to protest.


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