URGE Your state senator to to Reject Governor Baker’s Amendment Undermining Abortion Access


The Massachusetts legislature has demonstrated its commitment to reproductive health care by decisively passing a state budget section that will improve abortion access. But now Governor Baker has sent the budget provision back to the legislature — with an amendment that fully undermines the legislature’s efforts to safeguard young people and create more equitable abortion access.

The governor’s amendment would sabotage the work we’ve done over the past two years to ensure everyone has access to abortion, no matter their age, address, or income. It’s absolutely crucial that we ensure that lawmakers vote to reject the governor’s amendment to ensure we eliminate politically motivated barriers to abortion in state law.

UPDATE: The Massachusetts House rejected the Governor's amendments thanks to your advocacy. Now we need the Senate to do the same.

Send a message to your state senator to urge them to reject the governor’s amendment and ensure that our state laws protect abortion access for everyone.

Please take a moment to personalize the message. Your voice and your reasons for supporting abortion access matter!

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I support the legislature's efforts to remove medically unnecessary barriers to abortion through Section 40 of the state budget. Unfortunately, Governor Baker's amendments to that section would undermine your good work. They would keep harmful, anti-abortion barriers in the law and undermine equitable access to care.

Please protect reproductive health and reject the Governor's amendments to Section 40 of the budget.

Systemic barriers to abortion care disproportionately harm people of color and people with low incomes. Please reject Governor Baker's amendments and guarantee access to reproductive health care for ALL Massachusetts residents.

The legislature’s decisive votes on House Amendment 759 and Senate Amendment 180 made clear Beacon Hill’s commitment to reproductive health care. Now it’s time to show your constituents that you’ll continue to stand up for their health and rights. Please reject Governor Baker’s amendment and ensure access to reproductive health care for young people.


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