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As North Carolina’s Attorney General, Josh Stein plays a unique and immensely powerful role in our state’s criminal justice system. However, Josh Stein has yet to use his platform and authority to make the changes needed to protect people’s lives and liberty. On too many issues, but especially on the overpopulation of our prisons, the Attorney General’s office has been on the wrong side of critical issues of justice and excused their behavior as “just doing their jobs.”

North Carolinians deserve a courageous, progressive leader as their Attorney General’s office. That’s why we are urging Josh Stein to take action and implement truly impactful changes.

Fill the form below to urge Attorney General Stein to use his moral and statutory authority to address our state’s mass incarceration crisis and take the necessary actions to improve racial equity in our criminal legal system.

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I am writing to urge you to take action to address our state's mass incarceration crisis.

I strongly urge you to consider these and other opportunities to use the power you hold to pursue justice for North Carolinians. Please do not fail us.


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