Urge Governor Baker to support equitable abortion access


The Massachusetts state House and Senate have both voted to adopt amendments to improve abortion access in their versions of the state budget. The budget will soon head to Governor Baker’s desk. We must ensure that Governor Baker ultimately signs a state budget into law which includes these crucial amendments — and that means we must act now.

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Dear Governor Baker,

I appreciate your leadership protecting and re-affirming reproductive rights over the past four years. Now, with abortion access at risk across the nation, our Commonwealth must lead again and recognize that the protected right to safe, legal abortion must be paired with equitable access to care. As your constituent, I urge you to support the Legislature’s efforts to eliminate longstanding barriers to abortion care under Massachusetts law.

Governor Baker, I thank you for your demonstrated commitment to health care access and reproductive rights. I hope you will continue to lead Massachusetts forward at this national crossroads by signing a state budget that includes amendments to improve access to reproductive health care.


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