Tell the Texas House: Support Fair Redistricting

Message lawmakers for a fair, transparent redistricting process

The once-a-decade process to redraw congressional and legislative districts in Texas is officially underway. Lawmakers are currently traveling around the state, hosting a series of redistricting town halls, to solicit public input from Texans before district lines are redrawn during the 2021 legislative session. If you aren't able to attend the redistricting town hall in person, you can send the members of the committee a message about why redistricting is an important issue for you and your community.

Message the House Redistricting Committee with your testimony.

Message Recipients:
Rep. Phil King, Chair
Rep. Chris Turner, Vice Chair
Rep. Sheryl Cole
Rep. Matt Krause
Rep. Lyle Larson
Rep. Jeff Leach
Rep. Ben Leman
Rep. Ina Minjarez
Rep. Joe Moody
Rep. Chris Paddie
Rep. Four Price
Rep. Toni Rose
Rep. Senfronia Thompson
Rep. Armando Walle
Rep. James White

Support Fair Redistricting
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I am contacting you because I support fairness and transparency in the redistricting process.

For these reasons, I urge this committee to continue to keep the redistricting process transparent and open to the public before any new maps are passed in the Texas legislature.


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