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Texas is getting ready to pass House Bill 1515, the most extreme six-week abortion ban in the country. This bill is so extreme it would allow anyone in the country – wherever they are – to bring a lawsuit in Texas for violating the law. This means a rapist who impregnates a teenager seeking an abortion in Texas, could sue the doctor who performs it.

That's not all. There are seven other egregious anti-abortion bills that have advanced in the state House, risking even more severe restrictions on top of Texas' already severe restrictions for people needing abortion care.

There is still time to stop these oppressive bills from becoming law: Members of the House can prevent these bills from advancing. Email your state House representative now and tell them to say NO to HB 1515 and other legislation that blatantly attempts to ban abortion care outright.

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As my elected official, this is why I think you should vote NO on House Bill 1515 and all other anti-abortion bills.

Please vote NO on House Bill 1515 and other anti-abortion bills, and stop this outright attack on the right to abortion care. Thank you for standing up for what's right.


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