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Texas lawmakers are currently considering legislation that would enrich the predatory bail industry, punish the poor, and trample on Texans' rights and freedoms.

More than two in three Texans in jail have not been convicted of a crime. Most are locked up only because they are unable to afford bail. We need to boot the profit-driven bail industry out of our criminal justice system. But Senate Bill 21 would require more Texans to pay to get out of jail before trial. The result would be more poverty-driven incarceration, especially of Black and Brown Texans.

If we want to stop this bad legislation, our lawmakers need to hear from us. Demand that your elected officials protect Texans, not bail industry profits.

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I'm writing to ask you to oppose Senate Bill 21 by Senator Joan Huffman.

As your constituent, I respectfully ask that you oppose SB 21. The legislature needs to go back to the drawing board on bail reform. We need to get for-profit corporations out of the criminal justice system for the safety and well-being of all Texans.


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