Stop Undermining Texans' Safety

Tell Governor Abbott to rescind his recent Executive Order

Governor Greg Abbott's recent executive order blocks the release of certain people who can’t afford to pay cash bail, while allowing for wealthier people to still buy their way out. It should go without saying that the size of someone's bank account shouldn't determine whether they live or die in jail during this pandemic, so we sued.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across Texas and the nation, Governor Abbott must take immediate action to prevent a potential outbreak in Texas prisons and jails, where close quarters make social distancing impossible. There have already been reports of individuals contracting the COVID-19 coronavirus, who come in regular contact with Texas' carceral facilities.

While we take this fight to the courts, send Governor Abbott a message and urge him to follow the advice of public health officials to keep all Texans safe.

Message Recipient: Governor Greg Abbott

Inmates gather in a Texas carceral facilities with a dual tone yellow and blue treatment
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Protect jail and prison populations during COVID-19 outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic is the most urgent public health crisis in recent history. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued guidance for social distancing to help mitigate this crisis. Your recent executive order runs counter to the expertise of public health officials, and will not stem the spread of this devastating virus.

As your constituent, I encourage you to rescind your recent executive order to downsize the footprint of Texas' incarcerated populations as a part of our COVID-19 public health response.


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